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Brief History From President Bill Hearne

Mobile Forced Air Cooling Services, Inc. is a company born from 40 years of experience in the produce industry. In the early years at William P. Hearne Produce Company Inc., we were experiencing heat related problems with our produce. This meant rejections and or adjustments that affected our profits and more importantly our customer's satisfaction. We found that refrigeration trailers, designed to transport fruit and vegetables are meant to maintain temperatures only, not remove field heat. We knew removing field heat at the growing site would solve the heat related problems in our produce, and give us an edge in the highly competitive produce industry.

In 1985, I put my ideas into action and hired a refrigeration engineer and manufacturer to help build a Mobile Forced Air Cooling unit that could follow the crops where they are grown. We used the first machine for exactly 10 days with such great results, that we immediately built a second machine.

In the years that followed, we made several technical improvements, to improve the performance of the original machines, and that process continues today.

By using the pre-coolers our produce business increased. We were then able to deliver quality produce with a longer shelf life, to our customers.

As a result of the demand for our mobile pre-coolers, Mobile Forced Air Cooling Services Inc. was established in 1994, with Tom Green, as Vice President / General Manager of Operations. Tom has established a sales and service network throughout the produce growing areas of the United States, Mexico and Central America. Today, we continue to focus and specialize on the cooling needs of the produce industry.

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